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Our Vision and Philosophy


Golden Gate Global School aims to provide quality teaching and learning through a curriculum that enables holistic development of the children and prepares them for life situations within a secure, happy and stimulating environment and all students shall have ample opportunity to

Imbibe values
Acquire curiosity, reflection, independence and self-discipline
Attain skills and attitudes for
Develop respect and concern towards elders, peer and environment


To nurture the unique skills of all children, develop in them a sense of aesthetics, teach them to be respectful of the beliefs, culture and views of others, and inculcate in them values such as care, consideration, cooperation, honesty, respect and openness.


Golden Gate Global School recognizes that all children are gifted, talented and have diverse learning styles. The school’s purpose is to help students in the areas of analytical thinking, communication, spiritual awareness, self-assessment and social skills so that they excel in all spheres of life.

To understand the pedagogy at GGGS, we welcome you to spend a day with us!

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