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Maths Lab

Children need to first have a meaning, make sense of the world around them – develop number sense and spatial sense – before they can successfully grasp the concepts of mathematics. Maths Lab programme and activities help students of grade 1-7 to first have hands-on experience of various mathematics concepts before they apply their learning in the abstract situation. Manipulatives used in Math Lab are Jodo Gyan, 3-d blocks, fraction kit, math Mat, fake money, Maan Cards etc and they make learning Math more meaningful and interesting.

Science Lab

At GGGS, students are encouraged to test theories, prove concepts and validate hypotheses. There are four comprehensive laboratories - Junior Science lab, Physics lab, Chemistry lab and Biology lab. The junior Science lab is functional and the senior labs are under construction.

The laboratories are well designed, airy and well-lit. A lot of thought has gone into making the labs safe for student use, with wash areas at every table


Golden Gate Global School follows an integrated approach to technology. Use of technology for learning is all pervasive. The school is equipped with a multi-sensory Technology lab, and every classroom has an interactive whiteboard. The teachers use technology to create a varied range of learning opportunities, and engage the students in various collborative activities.

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