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Activity Rooms

Art & Craft Room

The school has a separate room for imparting training in the field of visual Art and craft which the students love to visit.The art & Craft room is a place where students are taught to give reign to their imagination and use pencil and colours to create their own masterpieces, they also create wonderful items using waste material and bits of coloured paper.

Music Room

GGGS has a well equipped music room with various instruments to honn the skills of students.

Dance Room

The school has a separate room for imparting training in the field of Indian and western dance which the students love to visit.

Kindergarten Activity Room

The Activity Room provides a stimulating environment for children and aids spontaneous learning. We provide opportunities for imaginative role-play, both individually and as part of a group. Children are encouraged to take part in a group and individual tasks, sharing and co-operating with other children. Through activities and conversations, they learn acceptable ways to express their own feelings and learn to listen to others. We use Activity Room for giving a realtime exposure to children for working in the Kitchen, Doctor’s Clinic, Theatre, Role Play Corner and Supermarket.

Counseling Room

School counseling service is available for studentsto help themselves to enjoy their school lives.The staff consists of one specialist, the school nurse, and seven teachers. They will listen to the students, talk with them, try to find a way together to solve their problems and give them some advice. Students can ask for advice about their academic performance, job-huntings, financial problems, health problems,club activities,friendship and what not..

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